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For complete zoning solutions for nearly any application, the only name you need to know is Honeywell. You’ll find the most extensive and innovative product line available, including conventional and wireless zone systems and dampers. All are designed for installation ease, and in many cases pre-packaged kits simplify ordering and make installation even easier. 


When Honeywell re-invented zoning panels with TrueZONE, it said goodbye dip switches and hello simplicity. Installation is fast and easy, and because TrueZONE ensures that the system is operating properly before the installer leaves the jobsite. 

Zone Dampers

Honeywell dampers offer the highest quality workmanship and unparalleled performance. Every Honeywell damper is built for installation flexibility and reliability.

4 Reasons To Choose Honeywell Dampers:

1. Quick — With a wide variety of available sizes in both round, rectangular and bypass versions, it’s easy to find exactly what you need. And the mechanical visual position indicators make installation and operation easier. Universal application means you can stock fewer parts.

2. Durable — Riveted for extra strength and long-term use. Rugged gear construction, two-piece blade bearing and reinforced blade construction add to the long product life.

3. Adjustable — The adjustable minimum and maximum position stops allow you to fine-tune the dampers to your customer’s individual needs.

4. Non-Polarized, Two-Wire Actuator — Makes installation simple and foolproof.

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